Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smiling Smith?

Why a new blog? Why this name?

First of all, I want to write about all of my development experiences under one single roof. Until recently I was able to frequently write about native code development on Windows Mobile devices, but due to the recent developments (no native code on WP7), this has become a much harder task. Also, I have recently been working on different technologies (like ASP .NET and XNA) and want to write about them, and the older blogs were too narrow in scope for this.

The blog name is taken from a very old nickname that I never forgot. A few hundred years ago there was a very interesting BBC TV series about an IT consultant named Smith that did a lot of cool stuff. The series was particularly successful on the public television, the only one we had back then. At this time I was working on a very informal team of young developers (remember CP/M?) and there was this older guy who named us all "Smith". Due to my high spirits, I was the smiling one. The Smiling Smith.


  1. Hi João,
    'CP/M'?! I didn't realized you were so... well, so... you had so many experience on old, I mean, classical technologies :)

    Congratulations for your new blog!

  2. I'm from the ZX Spectrum generation and my first productive language was the Z80 assembly. So yes, I'm OLD... :)

  3. ZX Spectrum... umm... good old days.

    Congrats on ur new home. Change the theme. Its soooo 2008's :)

  4. Hi,

    Too bad everyone is moving to managed world, I really like native and I will miss WTL :(